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This calculator demonstrates the potential economic benefits to receiving hospitals if they invest in new resuscitation technologies for EMS.

Input data into boxes in order to calculate the return on investment.

Expected Improvement in Hospital Discharge Survival Rates

CURRENT cardiac arrest survival rate prior to implementation of new technology
The number of cardiac arrests worked per year by EMS:
Current average cardiac arrest to hospital discharge survival rate (%):
PROJECTED cardiac arrest survival rate after implementation of new technology
Projected relative increase in survival with new technology (%):
Projected cardiac arrest to hospital discharge survival rate (%):

COST of new technology over four years:
(include initial cost of capital equipment plus four years of disposables)

Return on Investment

Based on this data and the expected increase in hospital discharge survival rates from EMS implementation of new technology, the receiving hospital will generate the following value:

Total incremental annual margin potential over four years

vs. required investment

Projected return on investment over four years

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Data published by Lick et al1 demonstrated that the average direct margin generated by a cardiac arrest survivor in the hospital is $20,864.

1Lick, C. J., Aufderheide, T. P., Niskanen, R. A., Steinkamp, J. E., Davis, S. P., Nygaard, S. D., ...Lurie, K. G. (2011). Take Heart America: A comprehensive, community-wide, systems-based approach to the treatment of cardiac arrest. Crit Care Med, 39(1), 26-33. doi:10.1097/CCM.0b013e3181fa7ce4

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