“As the Oakland County Sheriff’s fire and EMS dispatch coordinator, I firmly believe that there should be a standard of care for 911 emergency dispatch. The data-driven feedback from our 911 dispatcher-assisted CPR and AED protocols continue to assist us in improving cardiac arrest outcomes. As a result, we’re saving more lives. Take Heart America helps dispatchers develop and implement a highly effective standard of care.”
- Ryan Cohee, EMT, ED-QA

Take Heart America


Helping you help others.
Starting CPR is an essential first step in helping someone survive cardiac arrest. Today, only 3% of Americans receive annual CPR training and defibrillator use. By contrast, 80% of everyday Germans and 95% of those in Norway get annual CPR training.

We need to do better.
Take Heart America’s system of care helps provide education, CPR training and innovative technologies to improve outcomes after cardiac arrest. That includes CPR training for public and lay rescuers, first responders, EMS and hospital personnel. Together, we proactively save lives and make communities safer.

As a Take Heart America partner, your site has access to cutting-edge resources to increase survival rates through:
• More efficient and rapid first response
• High-quality CPR training with feedback tools
• Improved CPR delivery systems that increase the likelihood of survival
• Improved airway management
• Rapid intra-osseous drug delivery
• Automated CPR devices to cath lab
• Continuous ETCO2 monitoring
• Pediatric and adult drug algorithms (new)
• Extended scene minimum 20-30 min.
• Start therapeutic temperature management
• O2 stat and BP monitoring
• Collect performance data
• Transport to specialized cardiac arrest centers
• Performance and outcome data collection, analysis, feedback and monitoring (new)

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