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You have a role in helping someone survive a cardiac arrest. Click on this interactive icon to learn more.

Improve the survival rate in your community.
Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops. This can happen to people of any age, race and gender at any time, even those without known heart disease. In fact, 12,500 children suffer cardiac arrest every year.

Many don’t know what’s happening or what to do when someone collapses. However, when lay rescuers recognize a cardiac arrest, call 911 and start CPR, more people survive and go on to live healthy and happy lives.

It’s not a heart attack.
Heart attacks are generally due to blockage of blood flow, which in severe cases can stop the heart from beating.

Cardiac arrest is most often caused by an electrical malfunction within the heart, such as an abnormal or irregular rhythm from a prior heart attack and scar tissue within the heart. Brain damage and death results if high-quality CPR is not started within minutes.

Learn what to do when a heart stops.
When everyday people are educated and know how to respond, those in cardiac arrest survive more often with better brain recovery. Take Heart America’s system of care includes a strong focus on public education, cardiac arrest awareness and CPR training.

We partner with communities and other organizations focused on cardiac arrest to change behaviors and implement leading technologies. Our nonprofit unites citizens, students, community leaders, first responders, emergency medical professionals, nurses, doctors, hospitals, other nonprofits, and innovators in industry and science. Together, we proactively save lives and make communities safer.

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