First Responders

Increasing survivability from cardiac arrest.
Some communities do a much better job than others in saving those in cardiac arrest. Such disparities in survival highlight the inconsistent delivery of proper care within and between communities. Take Heart America helps close these gaps by providing the highest quality, consistent cardiac arrest care throughout all communities.

Take Heart America equips first responders with improved training, tools and technologies to drive better outcomes and brain function after cardiac arrest.

The best available care for everyone.
Give your loved ones, friends and neighbors the highest potential of surviving with good brain function through technology-centric quality care systems.

As a Take Heart America partner, first responders play a key role in a continuum of effective pre-hospital and in-hospital care. We can help you better respond to cardiac arrest emergencies through:
• Rapid response
• Immediate and high-performance CPR
• New and quality methods of CPR – 30:2 (new)
• CPR adjuncts that enhance circulation
• CPR feedback tools (new)
• Rapid AED use if not placed by lay public
• Application of advanced in-hospital treatments and technologies
• Bag valve mask with impedance threshold devices
• Rapid automated external defibrillator placement
• Performance and outcome data collection, analysis, feedback and monitoring

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First Responders