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Rethinking cardiac arrest (SCA)

Cardiac arrest (SCA) was once thought to result in immediate and certain death. With today’s knowledge and technologies, many people can survive and thrive after cardiac arrest (SCA). Take Heart America’s system of care has nearly tripled the survival rates in pilot communities. Tens of thousands more lives can be saved by acting sooner and smarter across America.

Cardiac arrest (SCA) touches us all:
• Anyone of any age, race and gender can suffer cardiac arrest (SCA), most often with
no warning
• 350,000+ cardiac arrests (SCA) happen out of the hospital and receive emergency
medical services assistance
• 250,000+ cardiac arrests (SCA) happen within hospital settings
• #3 cause of death in the U.S.
• Leading killer, more than breast, lung, colon and prostate cancer combined
• 1 life every 2 minutes is lost to cardiac arrest (SCA)
• 12,500 children experience cardiac arrest (SCA) each year
• Most people die within minutes if they don’t receive treatment
• Only 7% national survival rate with good brain function after out-of-hospital cardiac
arrest (SCA) nationally
• Only 17% survive in-hospital cardiac arrests (SCA)
• Only 32% of those in cardiac arrest (SCA) outside of hospitals receive lay rescuer CPR

It’s time to do something about this killer.
We can save the lives of many more people after cardiac arrest (SCA). Take Heart America can help make your community heart safe through a proven system of innovative care. This requires a broad community-based effort – from lay rescuers and first responders to EMS and hospital professionals. Together, we can proactively save lives and make communities safer.

Let’s save more lives by working together. Contact us now.