Explore the latest studies and first-hand testimony that demonstrate the importance and the effectiveness of NCPR.

Scientific Studies

A special message from Dr. Steven Dunn, the Executive Director of Take Heart Amercia:

As a 3X survivor or OHCA, I am ecstatic to be able to announce new research that is going to enable far more people to have the opportunity as I have had to resume a full life! As a professor, I have been frustrated by the inability of leading researchers to get peer-reviewed journals to recognize that sometimes you cannot conduct a traditional controlled study with something that occurs on a random basis in the field. Thankfully, the authors of this study persevered, and we have an article that has bridged the gap and the findings are staggering to say the least. Or, as one of the authors put it, “the largest change in emergency physiology in over 50 years.”

This article shows that a precise symphony of process and technologies results in a nearly 4X higher probability of survival to hospital discharge over traditional CPR approaches. What is even more impressive is that this survival was consistent for patients with both initial shockable and unshockable rhythms. This is a huge leap forward and sends a distinct message to first responders, ALS and hospital ERs as far more patients present with unshockable rhythms and have not been historically treated with the same voracity as a witnessed VFib arrest since the traditional tools and methods did not get them back (and everyone knows it). 

Although the sample size reported on in this paper is relatively small (the study is ongoing), the findings are staggering enough in terms of saved lives to warrant all of us in the field of emergency medicine to sit up and take notice. The research is not tossing out previous research but has built upon previous studies, including the need for high performance CPR (pit crew approach), quick response time and quick application of specific equipment, and quality review and tracking via the CARES database.

It is time to up our collective games.

Click here to read the full study.


Demonstration of ACE-CPR

In this quick video, firefighters in Edina, MN demonstrate ACE-CPR (automated controlled elevation of the head and thorax).

Watch the full video on YouTube.

Interview with Dr. Johanna Moore, MD

THA Executive Director Steve Dunn interviews Dr. Johanna Moore to discuss her group’s recent groundbreaking research into ACE-CPR.

Watch the full video on YouTube.

Neuroprotective CPR – Dr. Keith Lurie

Dr. Keith Lurie discusses the science, technology, and history behind neuroprotective CPR with the Florida EMS Webinar.

Watch the full video on YouTube.

Surviving a Heart Attack with CPR – Bob Odenkirk

Actor Bob Odenkirk shares his story of surviving an on-set heart attack with rapidly administered CPR on the Howard Stern show.

Watch the full video on YouTube.

Patrick Fabian Reflects on Bob Odenkirk’s Heart Attack on “Better Call Saul” Set

Patrick Fabian describes his experience witnessing co-star Bob Odenkirk’s heart attack on Sool Radio, and how immediate intervention helped to save Odenkirk’s life.

Watch the clip on YouTube.

More Than an AED – Avive’s Story

The cofounders of Avive explain how their technology will help people to survive out of hospital cardiac arrest.

Watch the full video on YouTube.


British Olympian Katie Archibald describes how she tried to save her partner with CPR during his fatal heart attack. Read the full article at ESPN.


How to Save a Stranger’s Heart – Dr. Bapu Jena

In this podcast for Freakonomics, MD, Dr. Bapu Jena shares research and techniques that can help save lives while treating cardiac arrest. Listen to the podcast here.

Cardiac Arrest, E-CPR, and Post-Arrest Care – Dr. Jason Bartos & Dr. Julie Power

Dr. Jason Bartos and Dr. Julie Power join the CardioNerds podcast to discuss a wide range of strategies for responding to heart attacks and conducting post-arrest care. Listen to the podcast here.