New Pathway to Neurologically Intact Cardiac Arrest Survival

Make sure to check out this video by THA Industry Advisory Board member Dr. Peter Antevy. In it he explains the latest research showcasing the Take Heart America bundle of care. He explains:

Cardiac arrest survival depends on two key elements, time to care and maximization of cerebral blood flow. These 2 items together form what is now being called Neuroprotective CPR. Performing CPR while elevating the head slowly, using the FDA cleared EleGARD device, has proven to improve survival from cardiac arrest.

Overall data with EleGARD shows:

  • 60% ROSC in VT/VF
  • 46% ROSC in PEA
  • 26% ROSC in Asystole

I was privileged to co-author a ground breaking study that demonstrated the effectiveness of Head-UP CPR when implemented early. This new bundle can be initiated by any first responder, including police officers. The video below reviews the data of our latest study and demonstrates how Head-Up CPR can help high-performing communities save more lives.